Monday, November 29, 2010

On to the next one

Fabulous Friends,
Over the Holidays a few things caught my eye.  First, I do not think i witnessed ONE turtleneck! LOVE IT!  Yes they can help with warmth but then again what is so attractive about someone who looks like they are in a neck brace? So in the spirit of the Holidays, and of fashion, I vow to not wear one single turtle neck this year.  I am all about the bulky sweaters.  Sweater dresses, cropped sweaters, and off the shoulder sweaters are my must have this winter in my book.

Secondly, sparkly nails.  Yes, I am going back to Elementary school on this one.  The sparkly nail polish that i would receive in my party favor bag is coming back.  Sparkly nail polish is so fun and not just for girls 13 and under anymore.  Not to mention it is so easy to put on.  You just have to glop it on and not have to worry so much about staying in the lines.  Katy Perry, for once, was right with this cute trend.  It stands out and gives anything your wearing attitude.  BUT, not appropriate for work.  It is unprofessional so make sure to remove it before hand!

Lastly, as i was flipping through the pages of Vogue and Elle magazine during football game commercial breaks (Yes its true, fashionistas can love sports too!) I kept seeing girls in over the knee socks! SO FRICKIN' CUTE! So i took it upon myself to break the norm and try it out over the weekend.  They were a hit and made my outfit look STELLAR! It looked cute,trendy and not skanky at all.  Now i am not talking about the playboy, stripe on the side sport socks.  I am talking cozy Urban Outfitters over the knee SOCKS.  They were comfy and fit appropriately with the season.  If worn right, they can definatly be a hit.  With a skirt, dress shorts, or even over sheer tights!

socks with dress? I think yes.
love how you can barely tell the socks are there!

super cute.

Stay fabulous! ;)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not Ok Wednesday

Fabulous Friends,
every wednesday is going to be all about the DONTS, the NOT OK'S, and the INAPPROPRIATE!  One thing that really makes me mad is when college students roll out of bed in their pajamas and into class.  

NOT OK: do not wear your pj's to class, no one wants to see what you dream in.  The christmas pj pants that your mom got you 2 years ago are by no means acceptable attire for class.  Its understandable if you have a 7am class and you dont want to put on those jeans or even think about what to wear but there is a solution.
EXCEPTION: Leggings are a girls best friend. Use the appropriate style of leggings to work out or for on the go.  As long as a baggy sweatshirt isnt on top then your ok. An oversized cardigan with some comfy boots can be your go to roll out of bed for class clothes.  Dress them up or down, just remember; leggings are form fitting that means WEAR APPROPRIATE UNDIES LADIES!

For most of us, the transition from summer to fall can be rough.  Having to store away the daisy dukes, crop tops, and gladiator sandals can be hard.  Trust me, i understand.  But ladies, leave them for the summer.  There is a reason sandals are for spring and summer ONLY.

DONT: Please do not wear sandals in the fall or winter and sometimes at the beginning of spring.  I hate layering myself up, going outside and the first thing i see is a girl wearing all of the appropriate attire then you get done to the shoes and shes wearing SANDALS.  I get if its the beginning of fall and its still warm enough to wear those gladiators but its November now and the extended deadline is officially OVER.  Sandals should not be your last resort go-out shoe.  If you feel as though you dont have any shoes to go out in then its time to invest in some because sandals are unacceptable.

EXCEPTION: Fashionable sandals that are in season are ok.  Winter wedges are sooo fabulous, if worn the right way.  Thick straps and dark color wedges are ok.  Flip through the latest vogue and get some ideas.  Socks with wedges or peep toe heels are also all the rage.  Thin socks are the best way to go because it will be easier to strap your wedges and it will be more comfortable.  Unless you just got a pedi, flip flops in the fall and winter are a DONT.

I love when i see girls trying out new trends.  The socks with sandals, knee high's, prints with prints, knuckle rings, and last but not least sheer tops.  Of course there are right ways to wear these styles and wrong ways.  What really gets to me is when i see a girl wearing a sheer top inappropriately.

INAPPROPRIATE: Some trends are made for people and some arent. Especially with a sheer top with no tank, it can be very easy to make inappropriate.  Ladies, if you do not have a thin figure please stay away from the sheer.  The sheer top will do nothing but bad things to you.  No one wants to see your love handles or back fat.  No one wants to see your nipple either. If you cant pull off the trend then dont even try it.  Curvy women can pull off things that other women cant so why try to wear a trend that will only hurt your self-esteem, your body, and the people around you?  Ladies, be aware of your body and only wear what will work with it. 

EXCEPTION: Sheer tops, like i said, are a new trend.  Sheer tops with your bra showing through is very sexy but be careful.  Do not wear just your average bra under that top.  Make sure your bra is either a fun print, black, or nude.  Also please do not over-do the sheer trend.  If anything, rock the sheer top once on the weekend.  Never wear sheer tops to work and never during the day.  If you over do it then its not fun and sexy anymore, it becomes old news and quite honestly, trashy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Blog Post!

Fabulous Friends, for my first post I believe it is only natural to share a little bit about myself, but for judgement and trust purposes I will only spill a little.  My name is Raquel and I am a young twenty-something Fashionista dying to spill my guts to fellow fashion lovers.  I am hoping to blog my tips, my advice, latest trends, fashion news, and much much more.  Please give me time to get situated and comfortable with my blog.  Enough about me, this blog is solely about the world of fashion.  Just take it in and enjoy.

Now, lets talk Fall!
This is my favorite season by far.  Tis the season to layer and be prints!  Wear a stripe long sleeved shirt under a bold print blouse, throw on a cargo jacket and top it off with a solid color scarf.  As it gets colder dont be afraid to add a zip up hoodie or playful cardigan before putting on that cargo jacket.  Casual but fashion forward by being daring with prints.

Cargo!  Just by walking down the street you can definatly tell its all about cargo this year.  Anything goes with a cargo jacket,  you can dress it up or down!  From wearing it casual during the day on the go, to wearing it over a fun flirty sparkly dress with pumps at night.  Cargo pants are all the rage as well.  Dress it down during the day with flats and a jacket or dress it up in the evening with pumps and a blazer.  But just as the rule goes for jean on jean, it is the same for cargo on cargo.  Too much cargo and your dressing for the army.  It is NOT ok to wear cargo pants with a cargo jacket.

Thats all for today my fabulous friends